Some quick words about motivating a developer (such as myself).

Table of Contents

1 The possibility of success.

  • Avoid anti-patterns.
  • Realistic deadlines. Or the project seems lost.
  • High quality/maintainability in the code, is what gives meaning.

2 Great management.

  • Defends the developer(s).
  • Carrot above the stick.

3 Learning new things.

  • Much more important than money.
  • Eg ruby, selv taught, high skill levels.

4 Creativity/solving problems.

  • Challenges motivate like crazy.

5 Being heard.

  • A developer knows more about the system then anyone else.
  • Avoid outdated technology.

6 Being recognized for hard word.

  • Herzberg, motivation.

7 Building something that matters, and gets used.

  • Doing useless stuff takes all the joy out of it.

8 No need for permission to do things.

  • Avoid bureaucracy, it kills creativity and wastes time.

9 Avoid buffy interfaces, bad code and poorly designed models.

  • Attempt to minimize legacy constraints.

10 Enthusiastic, creative and funny colleagues.

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Author: Dennis Hedegaard

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